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What Would Google Do? PDF Ebook :

Book Name : What Would Google Do?
Author : Jeff Jarvis
Language : English
Genre : Business, Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Internet, Economics and Self Help
Publication : Harper Business
Pages : 269
Book Size : 2 Mb
Format : PDF

About the Book:

Google is changing our societies, our lives, our relationships, our world-views, probably even our brains in ways we can only begin to calculate.
Start with our relationships. I believe young people today—Generation Google—will have an evolving understanding and experience of friendship as the internet will not let them lose touch with the people in their lives. Google will keep them connected. Admit it: You’ve searched for old girlfriends and boyfriends on Google (and wondered whether they’ve Googled you). Your ability to find those old, familiar faces likely drops in inverse proportion to age: The older you are, the harder it is to find old friends online. I went to Google—purely as an academic and technical exercise, understand—and searched for old girlfriends. I found my college girlfriend, now a philosophy professor. I couldn’t find my high-school sweetheart as she had left no visible Google tracks. But she later found me because, with my blog, I had left as many tracks as a herd of buffalo in snow. We live on opposite coasts now but when I was in her city on business, we got together and filled each other in on the last—gulp—30-odd years. We never would have had that chance to catch up and come to account without Google. Thank you, Google.

Jeff Jarvis will help you answer that question for your own world in the What Would Google Do?, interpreting the wisdom of Google’s ways as a set of rules to live and do business by in any sector of society. Then, in the following section, Jeff Jarvis’ll illustrate how these laws can be applied across many companies, industries, and institutions, analyzing each as an exercise in thinking and acting differently. Finally, Jeff Jarvis examine how Google think is affecting our lives and the future of Generation Google. We begin by examining the new power structure in our economy and society, where we, the people, are suddenly in charge—empowered by Google.

Read What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis to know deeply how big Giant Technology firm work.

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Contents :

Google Rules
New Relationship
• Give the people control and we will use it
• Dell hell
• Your worst customer is your best friend
• Your best customer is your partner New Architecture
• The link changes everything
• Do what you do best and link to the rest
• Join a network
• Be a platform
• Think distributed

New Publicness
• If you’re not searchable, you won’t be found
• Everybody needs Google juice
• Life is public, so is business
• Your customers are your ad agency

New Society
• Elegant organization

New Economy
•  Small is the new big
• The post-scarcity economy
• Join the open- source, gift economy
• The mass market is dead—long live the mass of niches
• Google commodifies everything
• Welcome to the Google economy

New Business Reality
• Atoms are a drag
• Middlemen are doomed
• Free is a business model
• Decide what business you’re in New Attitude
• There is an inverse relationship between control and trust
• Trust the people
• Listen
New Ethic
• Make mistakes well
• Life is a beta
• Be honest
• Be transparent
• Collaborate
• Don’t be evil

New Speed
• Answers are instantaneous
• Life is live
• Mobs form in a flash

New Imperatives
• Beware the cash cow in the coal mine
• Encourage, enable, and protect innovation
• Simplify, simplify
• Get out of the way

If Google Ruled the World Media
• The Google Times: Newspapers, post-paper
• Google wood: Entertainment, opened up
• Google Collins: Killing the book to save it


• And now, a word from Google’s sponsors

• Google Eats: A business built on openness
• Google Shops: A company built on people Utilities

• Google Power & Light: What Google would do
• GT&T: What Google should do

• The Google mobile: From secrecy to sharing
• Google Cola: We’re more than consumers

• Google Air: A social marketplace of customers
• Google Real Estate: Information is power
• Google Capital: Money makes networks
• The First Bank of Google: Markets minus middlemen Public Welfare

• St. Google’s Hospital: Th e benefi ts of publicness
• Google Mutual Insurance: The business of cooperation
Public Institutions
• Google U: Opening education
• The United States of Google: Geeks rule
• PR and lawyers: Hopeless
• God and Apple: Beyond Google?
Generation G

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