What to Do Now That I’m Retired?

What to Do Now That I’m Retired?

There are two types of people in this world – those that need to do something and those that do not.

Believe it or not, there are people in this world that are content watching soap operas and sitting on their porch watching the world go buy once they are no longer bound to a demanding job.

Kudos to these people, but for the rest of us, we need to do something, but what?

Now the rest of us are broken down into two types of categories – those that have the money and means to do whatever they want and those that do not.

4 Things to Do When You are Retired and Less Than Wealthy

These easy to do 4 hacks will help you get the most when you are retired.

1. Get involved

Find a local group that needs volunteers.

This could be at a church, school or library or within an organization.

The truth is that someone is ALWAYS looking for volunteers. Being involved with the community introduces you to new people and families whose lives you are directly impacting every day.

If you are fortunate enough to be involved with a helping hands organization, you can experience what it is like to truly help people in need.

2. Start an Organization

Just because you are retired does not mean you do not having something to offer.

If you have ever had something you are passionate about, retirement is the time to put things in motion.

It can be as simple as starting free or low cost knitting classes at the local library or as big as sponsoring an awareness program about equality, cancer or bullying within the local or regional schools.

By asking for help from local organizations that share your passion, you can start an organization for little or no money and let it grow over time and passed your time to something that people cherish and learn from.

3. Pick up a New Hobby

Hobbies can be more than just crafts and collecting.

Many retirees discover a love for hiking, biking and camping. Each of these things is either free or low cost.

The average cabin rental at any campground is around $40 per night. A weekend getaway can be made within a small budget and create an opportunity to meet new people, get other seniors involved or simply enjoy a private getaway.

You can also pick up an instructional book on a particular skill, instrument or talent you wish to learn.

With no job to boggle your day and no children to utilize your attention, you can focus your energy on learning something you have always wanted to.

4. Start a Business

For many of us reaching the retirement age a supplemental income is needed.

With a dwindling economy and life expectancy in front of us, finding a part time job can prove to be difficult.

Retirement is the perfect time to start a job on a shoe string budget.

Offer lawn cutting services, car repairs, automobile detailing or baby sitting at low rates to establish yourself in the community and earn some extra income.

If you’re able, home cleaning services, cooking and errand running can also be lucrative businesses.

Wanted to add any tips regarding what to do after retirement, do in the comments!

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