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Book Name :  Thinking, Fast and Slow
Author : Daniel Kahneman
Language : English
Genre : Business, Non-Fiction, Inspirational, Personal Development, Fnance, Philosophy, Economics
Publication : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Pages : 533
Book Size : 4 Mb
Book Format : PDF

About the Book:

Much of the discussion in Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman is about biases of intuition. However, the focus on error does not denigrate human intelligence, any more than the attention to diseases in medical texts denies good health. Most of us are healthy most of the time, and most of our judgments and actions are appropriate most of the time. As we navigate our lives, we normally allow ourselves to be guided by impressions and feelings, and the confidence we have in our intuitive beliefs and preferences is usually justified. But not always. We are often confident even when we are wrong, and an objective observer is more likely to detect our errors than we are.

Thinking, Fast and Slow presents my current understanding of judgment and decision making, which has been shaped by psychological discoveries of recent decades. However, Daniel Kahneman trace the central ideas to the lucky day in 1969 when Daniel Kahneman asked a colleague to speak as a guest to a seminar Daniel Kahneman was teaching in the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Thinking, Fast and Slow is not intended as an exposition of the early research that Amos and Daniel Kahneman conducted together, a task that has been ably carried out by many authors over the years. My main aim here is to present a view of how the mind works that draws on recent developments in cognitive and social psychology. One of the more important developments is that we now understand the marvels as well as the flaws of intuitive thought.

Further Reading:

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Part I. Two Systems
1. The Characters of the Story
2. Attention and Effort
3. The Lazy Controller
4. The Associative Machine
5. Cognitive Ease
6. Norms, Surprises, and Causes
7. A Machine for Jumping to Conclusions
8. How Judgments Happen
9. Answering an Easier Question

Part II. Heuristics and Biases
10. The Law of Small Numbers
11. Anchors
12. The Science of Availability
13. Availability, Emotion, and Risk
14. Tom W’s Specialty
15. Linda: Less is More
16. Causes Trump Statistics
17. Regression to the Mean
18. Taming Intuitive Predictions

Part III. Overconfidence
19. The Illusion of Understanding
20. The Illusion of Validity
21. Intuitions Vs. Formulas
22. Expert Intuition: When Can We Trust It?
23. The Outside View
24. The Engine of Capitalism

Part IV. Choices
25. Bernoulli’s Errors
26. Prospect Theory
27. The Endowment Effect
28. Bad Events
29. The Fourfold Pattern
30. Rare Events
31. Risk Policies
32. Keeping Score
33. Reversals
34. Frames and Reality

Part V. Two Selves
35. Two Selves
36. Life as a Story
37. Experienced Well-Being
38. Thinking About Life

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