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Book Name : The Macintosh Way
Author : Guy Kawasakil
Language : English
Genre : Business,  Technology, Computers, Non-Fiction
Publication : HarperCollins Publishers
Pages : 220
Book Size :  23 Mb
Format : PDF

About the Book :

The Macintosh Way by Guy Kawasaki is about doing the right thing and doing things right. It is meant for dreamers, revolutionaries, Macintosh aficionados, and all the people who want to learn about the Macintosh Way. It is aimed at the inner circle, and it is not meant to appeal to the largest possible audience or the lowest common denominator.

The Macintosh Way is divided into three parts:
• Part I is an introduction to the Macintosh Way. It covers the history of Macintosh and provides an analysis of what the Macintosh phenomenon means.
• Part II is called “Doing the Right Thing.” It covers the work environment, products, marketing, and customer support; these are the foundations of a great company.
• Part III is called “Doing Things Right.” It covers the details of running a business right, such as evangelism, distribution, user groups, trade shows, PR, demos, motherships, competition, presentations, and of course, dating and marriage.

Guy Kawasaki will unveil to you the genetic code of the Macintosh Way of doing business. For what it’s worth, I release my ideas, thoughts, and methods in this eBook for you to use. Let us not compete on the knowledge of strategies and tactics. Let us compete on execution.

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Contents :

A Brief History of Macintosh
Part 1. History
1. First Blood
2. Macintosh Days
Part 2. Doing the Right Thing
3. Environment
4. Great Products
5. Support
6. Marketing
Part 3. Doing Things Right
7. User Groups
8. Evangelism
9. To Market, To Market Ill
10. The Printed Word
11. Working With the Mothership
12. How to Give Good Demo
13. Presentation Manager
14. Trade Show Mavenship
15. How to Drive Your (MS-DOS) Competitors Crazy
16. The Macintosh Guide to Dating and Marriage
17. Sayonara

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