Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid by Robert J. Sternberg

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Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid PDF eBook :

Book Name : Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid
Author : Robert J. Sternberg
Language : English
Genre : Self-help, psychology, Mental Health
Publication : Yale University Press
Pages : 256
Book Size : 1.1 Mb
Book Format : PDF

About the Book:

Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid eBook is devoted to addressing these questions, which the vast majority of theories in psychology, including theories of intelligence, seem to neglect. The world supports a multi-million-dollar industry in intelligence and ability research and testing to determine who has the intelligence to succeed, but it devotes virtually nothing to determine who will best use this intelligence and who will squander it by engaging in amazing, breathtaking acts of stupidity.

Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid will be of special interest to readers for several reasons. First, the topic is particularly timely, as Americans watch political leaders at all points in the political spectrum behaving in ways that, to outsiders at least, appear breathtakingly stupid. Second, although many books address intelligence in its various forms, relatively few tackle the topic of stupidity. The majority of such books are simplistic ‘‘how-to’’ books that eschew both psychological theory and empirical research. Although the book does contain information on how people can avoid behaving stupidly in their own lives, that information is supplied from the standpoint that anyone can benefit from gaining insights into why people act as stupidly as they do. Third, and finally, Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid by Robert J. Sternberg includes a variety of perspectives on stupidity, providing readers with a range of sources for that behavior.

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Contents :

1.  Why and When Are Smart People Stupid?  by Ray Hyman
2.  Beliefs That Make Smart People Dumb by Carol S. Dweck
3.  Smart People Doing Dumb Things: The Case of Managerial Incompetence by Richard K. Wagner
4.  The Engine of Folly by David N. Perkins
5.  When Smart People Behave Stupidly: Reconciling Inconsistencies in Social-Emotional Intelligence by Ozlem Ayduk and Walter Mischel
6.  Sex, Lies, and Audiotapes: The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal by Diane F. Halpern
7.  Rationality, Intelligence, and Levels of Analysis in Cognitive Science: Is Dysrationalia Possible? by Keith E. Stanovich
8.  Smart Is as Stupid Does: Exploring Bases of Erroneous Reasoning of Smart People Regarding Learning and Other Disabilities by Elena L. Grigorenko and Donna Lockery
9.  Personality Dispositions by Elizabeth J. Austin and Ian J. Deary
10.  When ‘‘Stupid’’ Is Smarter Than We Are: Mindlessness and the Attribution of Stupidity by Mihnea Moldoveanu and Ellen Langer
11.  Smart People Are Not Stupid, But They Sure Can Be Foolish: The Imbalance Theory of Foolishness by Robert J. Sternberg
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