How to Make a Killer First Impression: The 5 Step Formula

 How to Make a Killer First Impression

Making good first impressions is one of the keys to achieving success in your life.

It can help you when it comes to applying for a job or getting your business partners or prospects impressed. First impression is also very important when it comes to starting and building relationships.

Whether a relationship you are hoping to build is of business or personal in nature, creating a great first impression can really help.

As the term suggests, you make a first impression at the initial meeting.

Thus, if you are applying for a job, the first impression your interviewers have of you is during your first interview. With relationships, first impressions are created during the first dates.

Great first impressions can increase your chances of getting hired, getting your business to start on the right track, and building special relationships. Thus, it is one of the important things you have to put your focus on, if you want to make your life the best that it can be.

5 Ways To Make a Great First Impression

Here are some of the things you can take note of in creating great first impressions:

1. Exude Confidence

Nobody would be impressed when he is facing someone who is insecure or is lacking self-confidence.

Therefore, to make powerful first impressions, you have to show that you are confident. Whether you are facing someone whom you are proposing your business to or someone you want to become your steady date, showing great confidence in yourself can make a great first impression on him or her.

On top of that, such an impression can also last.

2. Make Eye Contact

Looking at the other person directly into his or her eyes would not just make you appear sincere and confident, but it would also improve your presence.

Not only would it make you appear confident, but it would also convey a message that you are a person that can be trusted. If you can do it effectively, it would also make the other person realize that you are interested in whatever he or she has to say.

3. Have a Positive Attitude

Being positive can greatly influence the way other people see you.

When you have positive thoughts in your mind, you would not look and feel so stressed out, even if you are in the middle of a panel interview when you are applying for work.

Aside from that, it can make people look at you as someone with confidence, and they can also see how approachable you are. Having a positive mental attitude can greatly influence the kind of impression you have with people you deal with.

Thus, always make it a point to be positive, so that you can achieve your goals.

4. Have More Smile on Your Face

Smiling can make you as well as the people you are with feel good . It can help you have a better day, despite facing a lot of challenges. When you smile, the persons you interact with would also be encouraged to smile back.

More importantly, it also helps in making them feel comfortable around you.

5. Avoid Squirming or Fidgeting

Even if you feel uncomfortable or nervous, you should not do things to make people see it, such as fidgeting.

Maintain a more relaxed posture and avoid biting your nails, fixing your hair, tapping the table, constantly changing your sitting position, and so on.

As you can see, most of the things that you have to do to make a good impression is to let people see the best of you.


When you are able to let them see how pleasant you are to be with, then you can build great and lasting first impressions.

Practice it in every encounter you have with your coworkers, business partners, clients, dates, and so on, and you can become an expert in it in no time.

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