How to Develop Good Communication skills

How to Develop Good Communication skills

Effective communication is important when it comes to building relationships as well as in attaining your goals. Whether at work or at home, when you practice good communication skills, you would become more effective in conveying your message to the people involved.

Effective communication skills can help you a lot in attaining success at work or at running your own business. Whether you provide services to an employer or sell certain products, your conversational skills can help in making people believe in what you can offer to them.

Building your communication skills can be done in a lot of ways. It has to be noted though that communication is not all about expressing yourself and talking.

Become an Engaged Listener

It is also about listening effectively to the other person or persons you are talking to, since that would make you more capable of replying properly.

Effective listening means that you are very attentive in hearing the words that come out of the other persons mouth. Maintaining eye contact while listening to him or her is also of prime importance in order to show that you are interested in what they are saying, aside from the fact that doing that can also make you understand their message successfully.

Master Conversational Skills

With good listening skills, you would know when it is time for you to talk, and what response to provide.

Talking is a huge part of your communication skills. One of the most common mistakes lots of people make when it comes to this is that, they tend to talk so fast, which actually prevents their audiences to understand their messages effectively.

Talking fast can be a technique used by a lot of sales persons, especially in saying certain things, which they do not want their customers to really listen about.

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However, since you want the other persons to comprehend your message, then you should pace yourself when talking to them. Talking slowly allows you more time to think about what you are going to say next. On top of that, it would also make you sound calm and collected, which can help in making your audience maintain their focus on you.

Consider the kind of audience that you have, when it comes to your talking speed. In general, older folks want you to talk slower, while those that belong to the younger generation want you to talk a bit faster.

Building rapport should also be one of the things that you want to accomplish when communicating with someone. One of the best ways of doing this is by paying close attention to details.

For example, if you notice something interesting about the other person’s watch, shirt, or hat, then bring it into the conversation.

Call center agents are actually very good at this. Although they don’t see their customers on the other side of the line, they pay attention to their callers’ background sounds. For example, when they hear a dog barking or children playing, they say something about it and ask questions, which usually make their callers feel more comfortable with them, and it can actually make them talk more.

Enhancing your communication skills can bring a lot of success in your part, and it can also make you enjoy more conversations with a lot of different persons.


However, keep in mind that achieving such a goal does not usually happen overnight. You have to constantly work on it, which is why you should practice more. Always remember to wear a smile, engage eye contact, and be mindful of your body language, so that you can send out the right signals.

The more you practice your conversational skills, the more you can improve it further.

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