How to Create an Online Store without Professional Assistance

How to Create an Online Store without Professional Assistance

With the ecommerce market being on the extreme rise, it is more than essential for any business to ensure an extensive online presence. That’s why thousands of new online stores emerge on the Internet every single day.

While being an ideal platform for product exposure and sales, any web store also serves as a very powerful, highly-efficient marketing tool to improve brand awareness and reach a wide international customer audience.

Overall success of many modern web stores and virtual malls from all over the Globe perfectly illustrates enormous profit potential of the ecommerce market. However, web store building may turn to be a rather costly process, where the major expenses usually fall on hiring professional web developers and designers.

Indeed, only a few years ago creating a fully-functional, attractive online store without professional assistance was simply impossible. Luckily, due to plenty of technological advancements in this field, those times have already become a thing of the past.

Let us share in more details how to create a full-fledged, attractive and competitive online store while saving your hardly earned money on professional services.

What to Sell and Who To?

Of course, first of all you will have to decide what market niche you are going to occupy and what your targeted client audience is. In other words, you will have to define what type of products or services you will sell and offer through your online marketplace.

Then use all your imagination to create a unique and striking name for your web store – it should be both easy to recognize and remember.

Choosing Your Ecommerce Software

The next and perhaps most crucial step in the whole creation process is choosing the right ecommerce software solution. This is actually what will allow you to avoid spending a fortune on professional web development and design services.

Modern ecommerce programs, also known as online shopping carts, come with an incredibly wide toolkit, yet offer maximum usability and flexibility, so that virtually anyone can create a multifunctional web store in a matter of a few days only, even with basic technical background.

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Frankly speaking, ecommerce software and applications have become indispensable solutions for many small businesses and start-ups on a tight budget. They allow to build and set up professionally looking and fully functional web stores with minimal investments involved in the process.

Your ecommerce software choice will typically depend on the size of your future ecommerce project. Some solutions come ideally for small and mid-sized online stores, while others are intended specifically for larger projects, like multi-department web stores, virtual shopping malls and sophisticated online marketplaces, where multiple independent vendors sell their products.

Some other crucial factors to consider when choosing an ideal ecommerce system are: open-source or proprietary solution type, extensive functionality, the level of flexibility and scalability provided, trustworthy and reliability, and, of course, pricing.

Anyway, good ecommerce software should include an easy website builder, management and control options, product import and export, inventory tracking, online payment gateways and shipping options, marketing and promotional tools, customer support functionality and many others.

In such a way, an ideal and sophisticated web shopping cart software is not all about allowing your prospects to purchase products or services online, but rather empowering you with everything you may need to run your online venture efficiently, manage every its aspect, keep it growing, increase the level of customer satisfaction and much more.

Where to Host Your Ecommerce Website?

As you certainly know, not a single website may appear online without being hosted somewhere. A web hosting service is focused not only to provide online presence for your online store, but also to ensure its optimal performance and 24/7 accessibility from any geographical location.

From basic shared hosting accounts to standalone dedicated servers, there is actually an extensive choice of web hosting solutions available in the related field today.

That’s why, top-notch performance and success of your online venture is about making the right decisions: your website size, programming scripts used, prospective traffic volume, some web store specifications are among the most important factors to consider when making your crucial web hosting choice.


To sum up, today it has become quite possible to enter the Global ecommerce market and start your own lucrative online venture even without professional IT assistance and, therefore, avoiding related expenses.

Just define your main business strategies and goals, take your time to choose a powerful, multifunctional and user-friendly ecommerce software solution along with a reliable web hosting platform and you will start enjoying your first online sales in virtually no time.

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