How to Create a Personal Development Plan

How to Create a Personal Development Plan

Realizing your dreams would become more possible if you come up with your own personal development plan.

The plan can become the guide that you need to identify the right steps to take and when to take them.Without a personal development plan, you may find yourself going in circles and always landing back to square one.

With a plan, not only would you be reminded of what actions you have to take but you can also use it to check your progress, and thus ensure that you are indeed moving forward.

How to Do a Personal Development Plan: 5 Easy Steps

Creating your personal development plan is not as daunting as you may think it is. All it takes are some steps, such as the ones that are enumerated below:

1. Get in the Right Mindset

Before getting started with writing down your individual development plan, you got to have the right mindset first.

In other words, if you feel discouraged, uninspired, or tired, then try to let such feelings pass before you start writing down your plan.

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You don’t want to write a development plan while you are having such negative feelings, since you might end up with one that is ineffective. Take a deep breath and think of positive thoughts, so that you can have the inspiration to get started with your plan.

2. Determine Your Goals and Dreams

Once you have a sheet of paper and a pen on hand, the first things that you should write down on it are your goals and dreams.

Come up with goals for every aspect of your life and rank them in terms of your priorities. Don’t be afraid to write down ambitious goals as long as they are realistic, and if they are indeed the things that you want to have in your life.

You would know if you have identified your goals and dreams properly, since thinking about achieving them would get you inspired and excited. Aside from identifying them though, you should also determine the reasons why you want to achieve them, and the benefits that you can derive once you reach them.

3. Write down Your Strengths

Some people may tell you to determine not just your strengths but also your weaknesses.

It is up to you to follow them or not. But for me, it is best to focus on your strengths first, since they are your skills and talents, which can very well be your useful tools in achieving your dreams.

Developing your strengths further and making good use of them would make you attain a lot of your goals, and do great things. To identify them, you can simply close your eyes, and think about activities or tasks that you are very good at. You can also try to recall what your friends and relatives compliment you for.

In most cases, your strengths come from doing certain activities that you like best, since going through them over and over again has sharpened your skills and your talents. Don’t forget to write them into your personal development plan.

4. Identify the Steps you have to Take to Achieve Your Goals

Some of your goals may involved just taking a few steps, while some may require a lot. When you are faced with a goal that is quite overwhelming, break it down into smaller chunks of goals, and target them one at a time.

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Make sure that you come up with specific steps and set dates on when to take them.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Make Changes

A personal development plan may not be perfect, which is why you should be prepared to make some changes to it whenever it is necessary.

Aside from changing some parts of your plan along the way, you should also determine changes that you have to take in living your life, so that you can make it better while you are achieving your dreams and aspirations.


Therefore, these are the 5 basic steps that you have to take when writing your own personal development plan.

Keep in mind that part of the steps that you may have to take to achieve your goals is to learn new things and find resources.

Make it a point to write down your plan this week, so that you can move forward in achieving your goals soon!

Let us know in comments, how you write your own person development plan.

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