How to Break Through the Illustration of Limitation

How to Break Through the Illustration of Limitation

We have all been shaped by teachings imposed on us since birth.

Today, we are victimized by a world in conflict, chaos, confusion corruption and contradiction. Beyond finding some guru to help us, we are offered no option other than to take some pills, accept it, learn to cope with it and hope for the best.

None of these options offer any realistic long range solution.

To be free, we would do well to listen to the words of Dr. Einstein. When he was asked what gave him the most trouble in his efforts to discover what turned out to be his revolutionary Theory of Relativity, he said the most difficult thing he had to do was to forget everything he had been taught up the age of 18.

He realized that if he were to discover anything truly new, he must depart from conventional concepts and be free of the traditional non-productive thinking of his colleagues.

He must be creative and begin his reasoning from a fresh, impersonal, unencumbered premise. For us to be free of adverse influences, we, too, must depart from the false teachings of the “preachers of doom”, heed Dr. Einstein’s observation and “go and do likewise”.

“Creativity”, according to Webster, is “The ability to be productive through imaginative skills”; he also tells us that “productivity” is “to establish results, benefits and profits”.

We must change our perspective. This is not always easy, but there is no other option if you are to imbibe a creative life-altering creative perspective.

5 Tips to Overcome the Self-Imposed Limitations

Yield to these simple rules when confronted by any adverse circumstances.

1. Move to Peaceful Place

Find some quiet place to relax and get comfortable. Close your eyes and clear your mind of any preconceived ideas and thoughts.

2. Consciously Aware

Contemplate the one fact (“Something that has actual existence, a piece of evidence having objective reality”. Webster) that you can know without any support from any external source or influence.

You KNOW that you are consciously aware and are a conscious thinking individual. Know that you can truthfully declare, without any imposed influences, that “I am”, now.

3. You Didn’t Create Yourself

Accept the fact that you did not create yourself.

Therefore you must be the effect of a greater cause that did. You are an independent, individual expression of one infinite cause: consciousness. This fact is not debatable but is a fundamental natural law that can withstand any challenge.

4. Tuned to Listening Attitude

Assume a “LISTENING” attitude.  We have been trained to listen to “noises” but now we are going to listen to the silence of your stilled consciousness.

You will begin to be aware of creative ideas from within your consciousness.

Because you are aware of nothing other than your inseparable oneness with this one infinite consciousness, these ideas must be in concert with universal, natural laws and principles which a defined by Webster as, “the creative and controlling forces of the universe”.

The absolute nature of this infinite consciousness precludes the possibility of there being anything that would oppose its unchallenged supremacy…without limits or exceptions.

5. Everything Originates From Within

Being alone and at one with infinity, you can see that nothing can exist external to your conscious awareness.

Everything originates from within because infinity knows no “out there”.

Whatever you are aware of exists only as in image in your mind. Providing the proper environment of your quiet, listening attitude, ideas will appear to you in whatever tangible, practical form will best promote your harmonious life experiences.


There is no evidence that any finite person, place or thing has an existence separate from your personal mental mage of it. EVERYTHING of which you are aware must, by virtue of natural laws, principles and definition, exist only in your individual conscious awareness.

Maintaining this mindset, you will be able to separate yourself from the appearance of a turbulent, finite world and its claim to power.

It is only by this scientific departure from concepts founded on fraudulent finite human concepts that one can prove the efficacy of this approach whose root cause is based in the infinity of a perfect universe.

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