The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win By Steve G. Blank

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The Four Steps to the Epiphany Pdf Ebook :

Book Name : The Four Steps to the Epiphany:Successful Strategies for Products that Win
Author : Steve G. Blank
Language : English
Genre : Customer Development,  Entrepreneurship,
Publication : Quad/Graphics
Pages : 291
Book Size : 42.3 Mb
Format : Pdf

About the Book :

Most early start-ups lacks a procedure for identifying their markets, finding their early customers, validating their expectations, and growing their business. A few successful start-ups perform all these things. The difference is the ones that succeed invent a Customer Development model as describe in The Four Steps to the Epiphany.

Throughout The Four Steps to the Epiphany book, Steve use the terms entrepreneur and startup openly. The terms include the brave souls in a new product division of a Fortune 1000 company just as much as they describe three teens starting out in a garage. For each, the process is eerily identical.

This business eBook or any other guideline will take you where you want to go if you have the passion to follow it, together with the vision and passion that characterize the best entrepreneurs. As with great artists, these are innate qualities that make successful serial entrepreneurs a rare breed. Relentless execution and resilience is also something hard to understand from a book. It is best learned by being thrown out of the offices of countless prospective customers as you try to learn.

The model presents in The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win By Steve G. Blank separates out all the customer-related activities in the early stage of a company into their own processes, designed as four easy-to-understand steps: Customer Creation, Customer Validation, Company Building and Customer Discovery. As you will see, these steps can also support a startup’s ongoing Product Development activities. Each of them results in specific deliverables to be described in subsequent chapters.

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About The Author :

Steve Blank is an entrepreneur who works in Silicon Valley.  He started his career in 1978 and has been worked with 8 startup in the different roles ranging from CEO to VP of marketing. Steve’s start-ups include E-piphany a software company, Two semiconductor companies ( MIPS Computers and Zilog), a work-station company, a supercomputer firm, and many more.

Many of the principle discussed in this eBook were used and refined during the development of these Start-ups. Steve blank, nowadays, teaching Customer Development and Entrepreneurship at many prominent universities.

Contents :

Chapter l The Path to Disaster: The Product Development Model
Chapter 2 The Path to Epiphany: The Customer Development Model
Chapter 3 Customer Discovery
Chapter 4 Customer Validation
Chapter 5 Customer Creation

Chapter Customer Development is an essential part of every early startup or business . Read and apply the techniques describe in The Four Steps to Epiphany ebook to rescue your startup from sinking.

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  1. Jason Saltzman says

    What’s up mates, nice piece of writing and nice arguments commented here, I am actually enjoying by these.

  2. David Tomlinson says

    Hi there

    Really enjoy your site.

    Each reference found in The Four Steps to the Epiphany is pure gold. And while each may not quite be an epiphany it’ll give you a pretty damn good Aha! moment. (and certainly make do till the real epiphany shows up!

  3. Brett Owens says

    I just found this book to have a very fresh perspective, and “make sense”. I’ve never been comfortable with the traditional startup model of raising capital and scaling as soon as you can.

    Steve’s startup model seems much more practical to me. Reading this book helped give me a lot of clarity about our current strategy. I think I’d been unconsciously drifting towards the Customer Discovery approach, but always felt guilty about not being primed to scale next month. This book helped reassure me that we’re doing the right thing.

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