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Book Name : See You at the Top
Author : Zig Ziglar
Language : English
Genre : Self-help,Leadership, Business, Motivation, Success, Personal Growth
Publication : Pelican publishing Company
Pages : 386
Book Size : 6.3 Mb
Book Format : Pdf

About the Book :

See You At The Top is a philosophy, but there is little theory involved. The ideas, techniques, and procedures come from a lifetime of living. It organize thirty years of sales and people development experience, as well as personal involvement with many of the world’s top professionals from every walk of life. The utilization of the ideas and techniques in this ebook will mean that you’re learning from other people’s experiences not other people’s theories. This is the only practical way to grow because it’s too frustrating, too time consuming, and far too expensive to learn everything from personal experience. It’s one of the the best book for every aspiring entrepreneur.

Zig Ziglar’s See You At the Top is a”unusual” ebook. It’s about you, your family, your future, and how you can get more out of all of them by giving more to each of them. We believe that this is “the end,” or at least the beginning of the end, of negative thinking, negative action, and negative reaction; the end of defeatism and despondency; the end of settling for less than you deserve to have and are capable of obtaining; the end of being influenced by little people, with little minds thinking little thoughts about the trivia that is the stock and trade of Mr. & Mrs. Mediocrity. In short, it is the end for you of the world’s most deadly disease – “Hardening of the Attitudes.”
Welcome to The Richer Life.

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Contents :

Segment I – Stairway to the Top
The End
Chapter One – The “More” Way of Life
Chapter Two – The Time is Now
Segment II – Your Self-Image
Chapter One – The Thieves
Chapter Two – Causes of a Poor Self-Image
Chapter Three – Manifestations of a Poor Self-Image.
Chapter Four – Fifteen Steps to a Healthy Self-
Zig’s Story
Segment III – Your Relationship With Others
Chapter One – The Way You See Others
Chapter Two – Good or Bad, You Pass It On
Chapter Three – The Most Important “Other
Segment IV – Goals
Chapter One – Are Goals Really Necessary?
Chapter Two – Characteristics of Goals
Chapter Three – Setting Your Goals
Chapter Four – Reaching Your Goals
Segment V – Attitude
Chapter One – Is the “Right” Attitude Important?
Chapter Two – Insuring Your Attitude
Chapter Three – Step Four – Feed Your Mind
Chapter Four – Habits and Attitudes
Chapter Five – Stop Bad Habits, Start Good Habits
Bonus Chapter – The Subconscious Mind
Segment VI – Work
Chapter One – Workers are Winners
Chapter Two – Be Ready
Chapter Three – Priming, Pumping and Producing
Segment VII – Desire
Chapter One – From Mediocrity to Meteority
Chapter Two – Intelligent Ignorance
Chapter Three – David and Goliath
Chapter Four – America the Beautiful

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