7 Biggest Personal Time Wasters and Tips to Avoid Them

Top 7 Personal Times Wasters and Tips to Avoid them

“Dost thou love life? then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.”
Benjamin Franklin

Like Benjamin Franklin said time is life, if you waste time, you wasted you life.

And we must do the thing we want and what is important to us,not to other people.

Too many people care too much about what other people think and they live their life fulfilling other people wishes other than their own.

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Avoid Personal Time Wasters

So know the Seven sins of personal time waster and try to avoid them by learning to over come them, here are some suggestion.

1. Trying to Do too Many Things at One Time

Know you limits and don’t try top prove something to someone, live your life not their!

Be realistic and keep in perspective on what you wanted in your life.

2. Unable to Say “NO” When Approached for Help

Try to stay away from getting too involved in many things because of doing a favor and wanting to be appreciate. Go buy your self a drink for  rejecting a favor requested by other people which have no relevancy to your life.

Don’t try to be Mister Nice or Miss Nice. Thing will still get done without you.

Let other have the chance to show their ability.

3. Lack of Planning in Carry out Your Duties

There is a saying which stated “No One Plan to fail, but many  fail to plan.” Identify what is Important and what is not.

Prioritize them on your task list. Do the most important thing first.

4. Lack of Discipline

Know what you key results are and set objectives in completing them, realize that people do what you inspect and not what you expect, same for every body, so constantly inspect your own task.

Complete the task before putting it down to look for new one.

5. Procrastination

Schedule your daily tasks which the most important one at  top of the installation. Reward yourself for completing a given task.

Recognize that every delay in complete a task will cause more work to be done in future.

6. Too Much Socializing

Recognize that life will go on without you, so forget about the notion that your gang need you.

Distinguish between pure networking socialization and needless socializing.

7. Lack of Focus

Recognize that a bird in hand is better than ten birds on the tree branches. Distraction is cause by in-discipline so, know what is your priority  and complete it first before moving to the next.

Set deadline for everything you do.


Time wasters are often caused by lack of self discipline and not know our priority in life, take sometime to really sit down and think it over, what do you want to achieve in your life, like in the beginning of this post, the comment posted by Carolee. “Life is about having time to do what we wanted…”

Don’t wasted too much time to find out what you really wanted in life?

For when you wasted time, you wasted life.

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