6 Toxic Beliefs That Hinder Your Success

6 Toxic Beliefs That Hinder Your Success and How to Overcome them

How many times have you said to yourself: “I cannot” or “that’s not for me”?

Such thoughts are the reasons why numerous of your fellows decide to abandon your projects.

I’m showing a compilation of six thoughts that hinder your success and you should avoid at all costs if you want to become a productive employee or employer.

1. I am Not an Expert

Nobody is born an expert, you have to become one day.

It’s a long job that requires a lot of effort and persistence, but remember, the knowledge you gain will accompany you forever.

Instead of thinking if you’re an expert, better ask yourself: “From where I can learn; what I need to learn?”

2. I’m not a Creative

It’s true that very few ideas are new, but if you think just few are new and rest of all are already made, you will not be revolutionary.

However, that does not mean you cannot be creative. You can always give a personalized approach, either in the product itself or the way you sell.

3. I have no Contacts

“Everything is done with contacts” what is repeated today and it’s true.

Contacts matter much if you want to become a known and successful person. However, what initially is a good relation that can become an opportunity in the future.

If you think you have sufficient contacts, find a way to get more. Whether through family and friends, try to reach people who you think can help you succeed.

With the rise of social media and technology, there are no excuses.

4. I have no Money

Many successful people come from wealthy families, it’s true. But there are also many who started with nothing and then became big businessmen/business-women, famous worldwide.

There are many business ideas or opportunities that do not require a big investment and you can start from home.

Also, there are various methods of financing which can be alternative to get success.

5.  I’m like….

“I am fickle, messy, I’m in the clouds, etc.” is so often repeated sentences by many people as an excuse for why they fail to put up, get a better job, get better grades, etc.

Okay recognize the flaws, but why you can’t change yourself?

Change your bad habits and depend only on your will. Finally, you’ll see results not only in your professional life but also on the staff.

6. This —— is not for me

To get rid of this sentence you need to come out of your comfort zone.

We like to feel comfortable and protected, and are reluctant to try new things. Because of this thought, we could pass up a good business idea or can be a remarkable employee.


The key is to combat fear and take the risk.

Who knows the future?

Maybe you end up your discovering with new passions, while achieving success.

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