4 Major Life’s Time Wasters and How to Beat Them

4 Major Life's Time Wasters and How to Deal With Them

“If a task is once begun, never leave it till it’s done. Be the labor great or small, does it well or not at all.”  Author Unknown.

Every one of us have 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

It is interesting to know that there are people who achieve and accomplish more than many other. If every one is having the same time, why is there so much disparity?

Are the successful people having some magic wand that allows them to do more in less time?

The question actually lies with the rest of the people who could not manage their life with time.

Top 4 Life Time Wasters and Equal Ways to Beat Them

Successful people knows to differentiate between what is important and what is urgent, but the commoners have to find and practice the cure for their time waster of lacking some essential ingredients.

1. Lack of Sense of Importance and Procrastination

Most people lacking the sense of importance when they decide to do something for their life, either they are ignorant of the long term effect or they just being procrastinating.

Take health for example, most people know it is health is important, but they are many more just do not care much about their health. They exploited their temple of their soul i.e. body, indiscriminately as if it would last forever.

Some knew health is important but delay in their daily routine of exercises and taken healthy food until a wake up call from their doctor.

Never let that lacks of sense of importance and procrastination control your life.

How to Do it:

Decide today what is important to you and schedule your daily tasks on the most important one at top of the to do list.

Complete it before going to the next one.

Reward yourself for completing a given task.  Recognize that every delay in complete a task will cause more work to be done in future.

2. Lack of Planning in Carryout Your Duties

Most people do not have a plan to do what they set up to do.

They let the circumstance drift them along and put off the fire as they arose. In do so they spend more time solving problem which if they plan properly, will not arise.

Precious times are wasted in solving those trivial and unnecessary problems should they have a plan. There is a saying which stated “No One Plan to fail, but many fail to plan.”

How to Do it:

Identify what is Important and what is not.

Prioritize them on your to do task list.

Take some time to plan and envision the challenge ahead when you set up to do the thing you decided. Prepare a few solutions on the problem you anticipated.

By do so; you will not be kept off guard when the challenge arises.

3. Lack of Focus

Recognize that a bird in hand is better than ten birds on the tree branches.

When ever we set out to do something, there is always a better opportunity coming out to attract your attention?

If you are tempted to move toward the new more attractive project or opportunity, keep your focus, completed the existing task first before your move on.

There is a saying on opportunity, “The next big opportunity will kill all your effort.”

Why, it simple, there is always new and better opportunity sprouting out every now and then, If you lack focus, you will leave every task unfinished forever and chasing for the new one. When will you be able to complete a single task this way?

How to Do it:

Distraction and lack of focus is caused by in-discipline so, know what your priority is and complete it first before moving to the next.

Set deadline for everything you do.

4. Lack of Discipline

Time wasters are often caused by lack of self discipline and not know our priority in life, take sometime to really sit down and think it over, what do you want to achieve in your life, someone once said “Life is about having time to do what we wanted…”.

Decide for yourself what do you want and stick to your plan, set your goal and map a roadmap, do it one and a time, complete one before moving to the next

How to Do it:

Know what you key results are and set objectives in completing them, realize that people do what you inspect and not what you expect; same for every body, so constantly inspect your own task.

Complete the task before putting it down to look for new one.


Life is like driving from one city to another, you can only see about probably two to three hundred meters ahead of you, but as you move slowly forward on the road according to your map, there is always two to three hundred meter ahead of you.

Keep moving according to your plan, and keep focus and with discipline by not getting distracted, you will be there.

Remember, when you wasted time, you wasted life.

Don’t be afraid to share your biggest time waster, you can do it in the below comments!

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