10 Steps To Getting Out of Overwhelm

10 Steps To Getting Out of Overwhelm

An entrepreneur in his life travel through different phases of life. During this journey, some stress is fine, too much will lead to physical and emotional well being.

An entrepreneur ability to deal with the feeling of overwhelm can make the difference between failure and success. You might face many problems headaches; sleeping; have trouble concentrating on important working tasks.

10 Steps to Cope With Overwhelm

So what can we do to slow down the emotional feeling of overwhelm? Here are my magical 10 steps:

1. Prioritize

Determine your priorities, but then work to recognize what it is you can do within those priorities.  Focus on those things that are the highest priority.

2. Delegate

Delegation is very similar to asking for help.  However, asking for help is just that a request that you hope someone else will answer?  Delegation, on the other hand, is a deliberate plan of action to get the help you need. Examine every area of your life and ask yourself if someone else could be doing that task and then examine who could.

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Just brainstorm at first.  For example, when it comes to laundry you could have everyone do their own laundry, you could assign batches of laundry to others in the family, you could hire someone to come in and do it, you could reduce your work load by having someone fold the laundry and put away what you wash, you could take it to the cleaners. Just write down all the ideas as some may work well and some may work later – or you could use a combination of several.

3. Set Limits

Determine what is the most important things you can do within our various roles and then place a limit on the rest.  For example, if you are a mother or a father with young kids you can choose to spend time with them watching TV or reading a book.

Choose the things that will have the longest lasting impact on your relationship – chances are that the time spent reading one-on-one to a child will far outweigh the TV time. Set a limit on those things that do not have as much of an impact

4. Get Help

Let people know you are feeling overwhelmed and ask for help.

5. Refine Your Communication

Communicate with others. Often you will find out that the other people involved in a project are feeling just as overwhelmed. Perhaps because of a unrealistic deadline. Perhaps the people you are working with have resources to help.

6. Create a Delegation or Outsourcing Plan and Follow Through

Once you have determined what can be delegated and outsourced figure out a way to make it happen. Planning without action isn’t going to dig you out of the sea of overwhelming feelings.

7. Set Clearer Expectations

Make sure everyone you deal with knows what you expect and what they can expect from you. Renegotiate those deadlines if necessary.

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8. Develop Better Systems

Systems can help put your life on autopilot. Develop systems for every aspect of your life and business. 

9. Schedule Down Time

Get consistent rest, exercise, and time away from those projects that feel so overwhelming.

10. Educate Those You Are Involved With In Your Various Roles

Make sure you are all on the same page as far as expectations are concerned. Educate others on what you are willing do to and when you are willing to do it.

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